waste oil to diesel

Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation machine will delivery to Chile

Our Chile customer gave us quite a big order which includes one set 10ton capacity complete set waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant,they take it to mainly process waste tire ,which has a big supplier market.What they will get from the abandoned tyre are valuable energy like fuel oil ,steel wires ,carbon black and combustible gas.

One set 5ton capacity waste oil distillation machine,the waste oil distillation machine can convert waste tyre oil to diesel ,the diesel have big valuable.This kind of diesel can be used for tractors,trucks,ships and diesel oil generators.

One set OTR tire debeader and one set OTR tyre cutter to process large tire with diameter between 2-3.6m, as well as heavy oil burners. So that we spent almost one week on the machine loading in factory and the machine loading in the port. Now everything is Ok, all machines are loaded into the containers and waiting to be lifted on the vessel shipping to Chile on 14th November.

pyrolysis plant
OTR tire cutting machines loading in factory
tire recycling plant
Waste tire recycling  pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillation machineloading in factory
recycling pyrolysis plant
Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant and waste oil distillaiton machine Loading in the port

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