waste oil to diesel

Client from Burkina Faso ordered one set 5T waste oil refinery plant from DOING

On December 19, 2019, client Nagalo from Burkina Faso came to DOING to order waste oil refinery plant and pay a deposit on the spot.

waste oil refinery plantClient Nagalo ordered waste oil refinery plant and pay a deposit on the spot

He ordered one set 1T waste tyre pyrolysis plant from DOING in September 2018. This is his second visit. He came to DOING to inspect the company's newly designed waste oil refinery plant, which is used to process the tyre pyrolysis oil produced by the waste tyre pyrolysis plant and the waste oil collected from the local area.

After going to the factory to learn the quality and efficiency of the waste oil refinery plant, he was very satisfied, so he directly paid a deposit to order one set 5T waste oil refinery plant.

oil refinery plantClient Nagalo and project managers of DOING

Many thanks to Nagalo for his trust and support in our company. We will continue to provide high quality and high efficiency equipment that meets customer needs.

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