waste oil to diesel

Customer from Chile will visit our waste plastic pyrolysis plant factory in early March 2016

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Waste plastic pyrolysis plant
After more than 6 months’ online communication with our customer antoine, he is going to visit our factory in March 2016 after the China Lunar New Year Festival. If everything is ok, he will finalize his order for one set waste plastic pyrolysis plant  and one set waste plastic to oil refining machine . Antoine himself is from Spain, but he works in the Mining sector of Chile. The waste plastic pyrolysis plant project will be set up in Chile, So this time he came to us as the representative of the whole teach for this waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in Chile. We have sent our company Invitation to antoine for he to apply the visa to China, and he will come from Spain to China in early March. Both waste plastic will be their raw material for getting the fuel oil, and the fuel oil will be used for their mining factory. Even the global oil price comes down in the last two years, but the oil price in Chile still keeps stable. Hope we can have a good cooperation!

Plastic to oil refining machine is used for refining waste oil to clean diesel .The machine not only applied to tyre oil also can use of for plastci oil and waste engine oil.

waste plastic to oil refining machine
Plastic to oil refining machine
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