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2 sets 12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant installed in Guangdong,China

Heyuan city ,Guangdong province customers purchased two sets of 12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant from us to dispose of waste plastics. According to customer feedback, the local environmental protection bureau is very strict with environmental protection. Before to decide to cooperate with one device manufacturer, the customer is very strict about whether the waste plastic pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly. In the end, he chose to cooperate with us because our environmental protection system is relatively advanced.

desulfurization and deodorizing tower
Desulfurization and deodorizing tower of the pyrolysis plant

Take the waste gas treatment section as example: some of the waste gas generated during the operation of our waste plastic pyrolysis plant will be recycled by the desulfurization and deodorizing tower, used to heat the fuel in the reactor. It’s design is energy saving and environmental protection; another part gas that we can't recycle, we have a professional desulfurization and deodorizing tower system, and the filtered exhaust gas will not cause any harm to the human body. At present, the customer's environmental assessment procedures will also be approved by the local environmental protection department.

wind cinvey carbon black discharge system
Wind conveying carbon black discharge system

In addition, the customer's waste plastic pyrolysis plant is also equipped with our latest wind conveying carbon black discharge system. Not only environmentally friendly, but also improve the operational efficiency of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
12T/D waste plastic pyrolysis plant installed in Guangdong

Under the guidance of our engineering team, the waste plastic pyrolysis plant has been successfully installed. Yesterday, the customer sent us a photo of the successful installation of the waste plastic pyrolysis palnt for your reference.We wish our Guangdong customers' waste plastic pyrolysis plant to operate as soon as possible to obtain more profits!

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