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Fiji clients ordered 10TPD tire plastic to diesel plant from Henan Doing

On January 5, 2024, Henan Doing Company successfully secured a deal with clients in Fiji. Our Fiji clients ordered two sets of 10TPD pyrolysis machines and one set of 10TPD pyrolysis oil distillation machine, catering to the recycling and reuse of waste rubber tires and plastics.

tire plastic to diesel plantTire plastic to diesel plant working process

What sets Henan Doing Company apart is the dedicated design of environmental protection devices equipped with pyrolysis distillation plant, a key concern for their clients. Fiji, in particular, has stringent environmental regulations. To alleviate any worries, the client visited us and the operation site of our tire plastic to diesel plant. They were highly impressed by the running site's clean and odor-free facility and the strict emission control measures. This visit bolstered their confidence in partnering with Henan Doing Company for the establishment of a waste to fuel energy tire plastic to diesel plant.

The waste tire plastic to diesel plant offered by Henan Doing Company is designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly solutions to the growing problem of waste management. With their advanced technology, these units are capable of transforming waste materials into valuable resources such as non-standard diesel, pyrolysis oil, and carbon black.

tire plastic to diesel plant final productsWaste tire plastic to diesel plant final products applications

With the assistance of Henan Doing Company's sales manager, our Fiji clients successfully completed all necessary environmental procedures for the setting up waste tire plastic to diesel plant. The entire process was seamless, and the deal was finalized to the satisfaction of both parties.

The whole production process of 10TPD tire plastic to diesel plant is expected to be finished within three months. Welcome to stay tuned to see more delivery information and send us your inquiry to customize suitable waste to fuel energy tire plastic to diesel plants!

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