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12T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant delivered to Shanxi,China

Congratulations on the smooth delivery of DOING’s 12T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant to Yuncheng city ,Shanxi Province, China.
tyre pyrolysis plant Yuncheng
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant parts

The customer who bought the waste tyre pyrolysis plant is doing printing and dyeing industry, but the profit is not that good.  One time, in a gathering of some friends, he heard about the waste tyre pyrolysis plant project,  and was attracted by the high profit. Then he started to do some research about the waste tyre pyrolysis plant and after that visited some manufacturers. And finally decided to cooperate with us after comparison.
pyrolysis plant final products
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant final products

For the waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the input is waste tires,  the end products are oil, carbon black, waste steel wire and combustible gas, which all have a very wide range of uses in life, and their specific uses are as follows:

fuel oil usage
Fuel oil usage

1. Pyrolysis oil: It is mainly used as fuel oil directly in steel plants, cement factories and boiler-related industrial factories, or refined to diesel for other use.

carbon black usage
Carbon black usage

2. Carbon black: As the carbon black produced from the wastet tyre pyrolysis plant has 7000Kcal calories as coal, it could be briquetted used as heating fuel or refined  to make new rubber products, shoe soles, or  pigments.
3. Steel wire: mainly used for waste recycling and remelting.
4. The combustible gas will be directly recycled to the furnace and used as fuel for heating the waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

Today our engineer has gone to the customer's installation site, ready to provide on-site guidance installation services. After the customer's waste tyre pyrolysis plant is successfully installed, the following benefits can be obtained:

Profit analysisReference 12T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Running cost / Day
Waste tires 873USD
Heating fuel
(Just choose one from the options)
1)Coal: 42USD
2)Fuel oil: 223USD
4)Natural gas: 59USD
Power consumption 30Kw/h
Water consumption Water is for circulating use, no consumption
Required workers 3 workers per shift:196USD
Income / Day
Fuel oil
Carbon black 3.6T:1)selling directly, 262USD
2)grinding, 1048USD
Steel wire 1.8T: 210USD
Daily profit
Use fuel oil for heating and sell carbon black directly
One set 12T/D waste tyre pyrolysis palnt profits analysis

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