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Is it possible to distillate diesel from pyrolysis oil?

As the question above, many people want to know if it is possible to get diesel from pyrolysis oil. Our company DOING-group has been in this pyrolysis oil to diesel industries more than 10 years, our pyrolysis oil distillation plant can distillate diesel from pyrolysis oil. So the answer is Yes, you can get diesel from pyrolysis oil.

pyrolysis oil distillation plantPyrolysis oil distillation plant can distillate diesel from pyrolysis oil

Before introduce our pyrolysis oil distillation plant, here is some basic information about pyrolysis oil and diesel.

As you may know, the pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy fuel oil from waste tyre or plastic. The pyrolysis oil can be used for heating purpose in cement factories, boilers, burners, etc. And you could get pyrolysis oil from used tyre or plastic by our pyrolysis plant which is green environmental friendly machine for recycling waste tyre or plastic.

oil distillation plantSource and uses of pyrolysis oil

As for the diesel, it is fuel for engines in tractor, trucks, bus, etc. Compared with pyrolysis oil, diesel has a lighter molecular weight and a lower viscosity.

So when distillate diesel from pyrolysis oil, the molecular components of the pyrolysis oil need to be opened and recombined through the distillation plant to obtain the light component oil gas molecules. During our distillation process, there is system to generate light oil gas from pyrolysis oil, and there is also system to cool down the light oil gas into liquid oil, it is crude diesel. In order to get final diesel with better quality, there is systems to improve the color and composition of diesel and stabilize the performance of diesel by catalyst processes.

Here below is the flow chart of a kind of technology of distillation plant:

pyrolysis oil distillation plantFlow chart of pyrolysis oil distillation plant

As present, there are different technology to distillate diesel from pyrolysis oil in market, we usually will recommend and provide the most suitable one to client according to their local market.

Like the below picture, it is a project in Colombia, our engineer just finished the installation and commissioning for the pyrolysis oil distillation plant to distillate diesel from tyre pyrolysis oil there.

Here is the picture of diesel from pyrolysis oil distillation plant.

pyrolysis oil to diesel plantColumbia project succeeded in distillating diesel from pyrolysis oil

So friends, if you want to get diesel from pyrolysis oil, don’t hesitate to contact with us. We will give you the best technology and service.


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