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How to recycle plastic bags and bottles without pollution?

Today in the 21st century, with the acceleration of the pace of life, our life has produced a lot of garbage, everywhere you can see are plastic bags and plastic bottles. How to recycle these waste plastics has become a worldwide problem.

plastic recycleWaste plastics

Some people wonder whether the recycled plastic is disposed of directly like other waste, such as buried underground or burned. However, these two treatment methods are very harmful to the environment. Plastic bottles are non-degradable materials. Buried in the ground will destroy the structure of the land, thus causing water pollution, and water quality each of us are closely related, nature is not to take the way of burial, and combustion is more unlikely, the burning of plastic will produce a lot of toxic chemicals, serious pollution to the air.

how to recycle plasticPollution caused by traditional plastic recycling method

So how can we better deal with these plastic bags and plastic bottles? Now there is a clever way to deal with it, that is to use these waste plastic bags and plastic bottles for oil refining, recycling resources.

Henan Doing machinery equipment co., ltd. provides such waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant. We only need to put waste plastic into the reactor of waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant, after high temperature cracking can produce valuable oil. The whole process is safe and environmentally friendly. Running this kind of production will yield a high profit. It is also the first choice of many investors.

plastic recyclingWaste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant

Such disposal of waste plastic bags and plastic bottles by waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant will be the trend of the future. We should advocate it vigorously. If you are interested in waste plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant, please contact us.


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