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What machine is required to turn waste oil into diesel fuel?

Recently many customers have come to consult us what machine can turn waste oil into diesel fuel? This sounds difficult to achieve. How can it be possible to turn waste oil with no use value into expensive diesel?

But in fact, we do now have distillation machine that can turn waste oil into diesel. Surely many customers have questions, what is distillation machine, and how does the distillation machine turn waste oil into diesel?

distillation machineDistillation machine

Distillation machine is equipment used to extract a specific substance from raw materials, dedicated to refining diesel from waste oil, crude oil and pyrolysis oil. Now I am going to show you how the distillation machine turns waste oil into diesel.

Turning waste oil into diesel by distillation machine is mainly divided into the following steps: distillation ---cooling --- dewaxing and degumming --- further decolorization.

oil distillation machineThe flow chart of turning waste oil into diesel

1. Distillation

Firstly the waste oil is pumped into the distillation reactor, and the heating system is turned on to heat the reactor. When the temperature continues to rise, the oil gas will be continuously distilled out, which step can filter out some heavy oil impurities.

2. Cooling

The generated oil gas will be cooled by the condensing system, and the circulating water in the condensing system will cool the oil gas into liquid oil, and then collect it in the temporary storage tanks.

3. Dewaxing and degumming

Since the liquid oil in the temporary storage tank has only undergone a distillation without changing the nature of the oil, it cannot be stored for a long time. A catalyst is needed to remove the wax and gums in the liquid oil, then real diesel can be obtained, and it can be stored for a long time.

4. Further decolorization

If the customer wants to get diesel with better color and texture, then the customer can choose to use the further decolorization system to decolorize the diesel, and finally get light yellow and clear diesel, and the market price of such diesel will be higher.

distillation machineFurther decolorization system of distillation machine

Now I believe you should know what machine is required to turn waste oil into diesel fuel. If you have waste oil and want to know how much it will cost to invest in a set of distillation machine, please contact us in time for a more accurate quotation.

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