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What machine can achieve the fractional distillation of plastic pyrolysis oil?

The pyrolysis oil produced by waste plastics pyrolysis plant can be further fractionated to obtain higher quality diesel fuel that can be used in diesel generator, heavy machineries, trucks, boilers, burners, agricultural machinery, etc. The pyrolysis oil distillation machine fabricated by Doing Company is helpful in achieving the fractional distillation of plastic pyrolysis oil, and the diesel fuel yield is as high as 85%.  


Here is the 3D Video displaying how DOING pyrolysis oil distillation machine achieve the fractional distillation of plastic pyrolysis oil to diesel:

1. Feeding

First, turn on the oil pump to pump plastic pyrolysis oil into the distillation reactor until the reactor is full of oil, and then close the reactor door.

2. Fractional distillation

Turn on the burner and start heating the reactor. As the temperature increases, the light oil fraction will be distilled out. When the temperature is high, the heavy oil fraction is distilled out.

waste oil distillation reactor Waste oil distillation reactor picture

3. Cooling

Oil gas enters the cooling system through pipes. The circulating water in the cooling system cools the oil gas into liquid oil and enters the oil tank. Oil gas is not in contact with circulating water, and circulating water can be recycled.

4. Decolorization and deodorization

The liquid oil in the oil tank is pumped into the decolorization and deodorization tank through the oil pump to remove the wax and gum in the liquid oil, and at the same time remove the unpleasant smell of the liquid oil.

5. Further purification

Generally, after the previous process, good quality diesel has been obtained. If you want better quality light yellow diesel, then you can add a purification system to purify the diesel further.

Besides 85% better quality diesel, you can also obtain 10% asphalt, and 5% syngas. Asphalt can be used for paving, or sold to asphalt plants, and the syngas can be used to heat the reactor to save fuel.

distillation plantDistillation plant

Not only plastic pyrolysis oil, but the waste engine oil, waste lubricating oil and crude oil can be collected and further fractionated into diesel oil through DOING distillation machines. If you want to know more details, quotations and running videos about our distillation machine, please feel free to contact us.


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