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Carbon black magnetic separator

Product introduction of carbon black magnetic separator
Carbon black magnetic separator is a kind of magnetic separator specially designed for processing dry powdery materials. With open movement composite magnetic system, this carbon black magnetic separator has the separation process of increased magnetic strength and rotating speed, and not sticky cylinder, not wrapped regiment, also has a high output and sorting static effect.
Carbon black magnetic separator
Carbon black magnetic separator
This carbon black magnetic separator adopts from one to two rollers to increase the magnetic strenth and capacity, with continuous and automatic separation process to separate iron and steel from carbon black powder. The internal structure adopts unique magnetic circuit design with high performance permanent magnet ndfeb materials as magnetic source, which has strong magnetic field and big suction, thus to get high separation rate. This magnetic separator also can be used for sorting abrasives, refractory materials, nonmetal ore dressing, food, feed, chemical raw materials and other powdery materials.

Technical parameter of carbon black magnetic separator

Item Model Roller
Magnetic strength
Input Cpacity
Motor Power
1 WCX1-60 320 600 1 3500-5000 Powder 0.5-0.8 MB07-0.75KW-C 1070*1510*1100 210
2 WCX2-60 320 600 2 3500-5000 Powder 0.5-0.8 MB15-1.5KW-C 1330*1550*1660 450
3 WCX2-80 320 800 2 3500-5000 Powder 1-1.5 MB15-1.5KW-C2 1330*1550*1660 880
4 WCX2-120 320 1200 2 3500-9000 Powder 1.5—3t 1.5kw*2 1800*1550*1660 950

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