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Aluminum recycling equipment

1.Introduction of aluminum recycling equipment
aluminum recycling machine
Aluminum recycling equipment
Aluminum recycling machine is a high efficiency energy-saving product which is developed by our factory based on absorbing separation technology at home and abroad. With years of experimentation and theoretical analysis, this machine can reach the best separation effect. The ratio of impurities after separation will be less than 1%, i.e. the separation efficiency is up to 99%.
This Aluminum recycling machine can process all kinds of aluminum plastic material. Such as medical blister, toothpaste tube, aluminum plastic composited panel, aluminum foil, etc.

Model Shape size(m) Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(t)
DYTM325-803 1.5X1.3X3.5 2.75 100-200 1.2
DYTM325-1103 1.8X1.5X3.6 3.95 200-300 2.0
DYTM325-1503 2.2X1.5X3.8 4.75 300-400 2.5
DYTM325-1803 2.5X1.5X3.8 4.75 400-500 3.0
DYTM325-2003 2.7X1.5X3.8 5 500-600 3.8
DYTM325-2503 3.2X1.5X3.8 6 600-800 4.5
DYTM325-2803 3.5X1.5X3.2 7.5 800-1000 5.2

3.Application of aluminum recycling equipment

Aluminum recycling machine applicable for all kinds of raw material such as: aluminum plastic composite panel (ACP) ,aluminum composite pipe , decorative mateiral ,  waste aluminum plastic windows ,waste aluminum foil ,medical blister , medicine wrapper , etc .

aluminum recycling machine

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