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Circuit board recycling machine

1.Circuit  board recycling machine introduction

circuit board recycling machine
Circuit  board recycling machine

Circuit board recycling machine is developed in combination with advanced domestic and foreign technology. The equipment adopts advanced recycling process by physical methods. Such crushers and high voltage electrostatic separation devices developed by the company are of strong innovation, and their process lines for resource recycling are advanced and reasonable.
Such Circuit board recycling machine can conduct recovery processing by mechanical pulverization for various waste printed circuit board, computer boards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic panels, copper-coated plates, printed circuit boards and processing waste and waste and used electric appliances. It offers high recovery percent of mental, of which, the purity is up to 99.9%.
2.Circuit board recycling machine  technical data

Model   Voltage   Power   Capacity  Dimension     Weight  
DYTM-400    380V     22.45 kw     150-200kg/H       2700*1900*2300(mm)    1200kg  
DYTM-600  380V   36 kw  300-400kg/H  3500*1900*2700(mm)  3000kg 
DYTM-800  380V   75 kw  500-600kg/H  5500*4500*3300(mm)  8000k 

3.Circuit board recycling machine application

Circuit board recycling machine applicaton all kinds of pcb raw materials, such as
(a)Computer motherboards, Cell phone boards, Tv Boards, Freezer boards,Air-conditioner boards,  Radio Boards, Printer boards,  overleft of pcb , Coated copper plate/copper clad laminate.

(b).electronic components, such as capacitance, resistance, potentiometer, relay, etc.
The whole line is suitable for all types of PCB, through the crushing process, the wet gravityseparation, metal and nonmetal can be completely separated with more than 99.9% recovery rate, no dust, low noise, simple operation,  process automation, and water recycling.
circuit board recycling machine

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