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Cable stripping tool

cable stripping tool
raw materials of cable stripping tool

1. Our cable stripping tool is a kind of equipment that is used to crush waste wires and separate the copper wire from plastic. The separated coppers are just like grains of rice. Our cable stripping tool  to environmental protection machinery!
2. The cable stripping tool  is easy to install, debugging and transport, having good stability and high yield!
3. After separating, PE,PVC and copper are recycled with 99% purity.

cable stripping tool
cable stripping tool

Technical Data of cable stripping tool
Model  Voltage  Power  Capacity Dimension    Weight 
DYTM-400   380V    22.45 kw    150-200kg/H      2700*1900*2300(mm)   1200kg 
DYTM-600 380V  36 kw 300-400kg/H 3500*1900*2700(mm) 3000kg
cable stripping tool
final products of cable stripping tool

The cable stripping tool has dry type structure, main used to all kinds of waste copper line will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC, the applicable range of Φ waste line diameter of 0.2mm to 20mm, automobile electrical route or car bottom line, motorcycle electric line, computer case line and communication cable, etc. After crushing processing and shock treatment, screen separation copper and PVC will be sorting out.

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