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Continuous pyrolysis plant convert plastic to fuel oil

continuous plastic pyrolysis plant
Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

With the development of the refining market and the maturity of the technology, continuous waste plastic cracking equipment is increasingly welcomed by various countries because of its advantages of low capital investment and high fuel prices. The Dongying Group's continuous waste plastic pyrolysis equipment mainly includes distillation equipment, condensing system, desulfurization tower and other purification systems. After a series of decolorization and deodorization processes, the quality of oil products will be greatly improved, and diesel can be directly used in vehicles. .

The workflow of continuous waste plastic cracking equipment is as follows:

plastic pyrolysis plant
Continuous plastic pyrolysis plant working process

1. Collect enough waste tires
2. The collected waste tires were broken into small pieces of 2-3 cm by a tire crusher.
3. Feed the tire crumbs into the reactor through a sealed screw pusher and heat.
4. When the temperature reaches a certain level, oil and gas will be cracked.
5. Cracked oil and gas entering the cold system will liquefy into heavy oil and fall into the reactor.
6. The desulfurization and denitrification of the obtained heavy oil will eventually result in a combustible oil.
7 Cleavage process Charcoal black is discharged outside the furnace through a sealed screw conveyor.

The main advantages of DoingGroup's waste plastic pyrolysis plant:

pyrolysis plant
DoingGroup's continuous plastic pyrolysis plant

1. Mature manufacturing, installation and operation technology.
2. The reasonable layout of our pyrolysis system can reduce the floor space.
3. The pyrolysis machine is equipped with an automatic drying system for the pretreatment of waste plastics before pyrolysis.
4. Our reactor is rotary, which ensures a smooth heating of the reactor and saves energy and cost of fuel.
5. Our machine is equipped with an efficient tubular condensing system to increase oil production.
6. Our reactor is equipped with an insulating layer to extend the service life.
7. The entire system is completely sealed to prevent gas and odor leakage.
8. Combustible gases produced during the pyrolysis process can be recycled as fuel to the heated reactor, saving fuel costs.

Selecting DoingGroup We are able to help our customers to make automatic and continuous tire tire pyrolysis plant project plans, including financial analysis. Completed the delivery, basic, installation, training, commissioning and commissioning of automatic and complete waste tire pyrolysis devices. In addition, we have a one-year warranty.

No. Item Specifications
1 Model DY-C-10 DY-C-20 DY-C-30 DY-C-50 DY-C-60 DY-C-80 DY-C-100
2 Cpacity 10T/D 20T/D 30T/D 50T/D 60T/D 80T/D 100T/D
3 Power 35Kw 50Kw 65Kw 80Kw 90Kw 105Kw 120Kw
4 Working type Continuous
5 Reactor deisgn Mutiple reactors (The quantity and size depends on the raw material condition)
6 Rotating Internal rotating
7 Cooling system Recycled waster cooling
8 Reactor material Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
9 Heating method Indireact hot air heating
10 Heating fuel Fuel oil/gas
11 Feedstock Waste tire/plastic/rubber
12 Output Fuel oil, carbon black

NO Name Percentage Usage
1 Tyre fuel oil 45% 1.Can be sold directly
2.Can be as fuel
3.Can be used industrial and commercial purposes. Such as power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,ceramic factory.
2 Carbon black 30% 1.Can be sold directly
2.Can be used electric cable jacketing,black nylon bag,rubber additive
3 Steel wire 15% 1.Can be sold directly
2.Make steel bloom by use hydraulic press-packing
4 Oil gas 10% 1.Can be as fuel burn by use gas burning system
2.Extra gas also be storage as fuel for other heating


Fully automatic continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant convert waste plastics and sludge into useful resources such as fuel oil, carbon black. We can get about 45% to 50% of fuel oil, 30% to 35% of carbon black. The final plastic recycling of plastic and oil products can be widely used.

fuel oil usage
Fuel oil usage

1. Fuel oil: Widely used in marine boiler fuels, furnace fuels, metallurgical furnaces, and other industrial furnace fuels. According to use, fuel oil can be divided into marine fuel oil, furnace fuel oil and other fuel oils. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's fuel oil consumption is mainly concentrated in power generation, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry and other industries.

pyrolysis plant carbon black usage
Carbon black usage

2. Carbon black: It is mainly used for pressure ball combustion and refined milling. The refined flour can be used for new tires, rubber soles and various pigments.

3. Steel wire: mainly used for waste recycling and recasting.

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