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Continuous tire pyrolysis plant

Continuous tire pyrolysis plant
continuous tire pyrolysis plant
Continuous tire pyrolysis plant
Nowadays ,with human exploiting and environment degradation,natural energy especially oil energy is becoming less and less .on the contrary, municipal solid wastes are becoming more and more.Continuous tire pyrolysis plant of Doing can not produce natural energy ,but also can turn waste tire,waste plastic ,waste rubber to fuel .
Tire pyrolysis involves subjecting plastic and tire to high temperature of 400 to 450 degree Celsius, in absence of oxygen. In case of oxygen is present plastic will start burning. During pyrolysis plastic and tire breaks down into smaller molecules of pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas and carbon black. Like plastic and tire, pyrolysis end products are also hydrocarbons.

Continuous tire pyrolysis plant technical data

No. Item Specifications
1 Model DY-C-10 DY-C-20 DY-C-30 DY-C-50 DY-C-60 DY-C-80 DY-C-100
2 Cpacity 10T/D 20T/D 30T/D 50T/D 60T/D 80T/D 100T/D
3 Power 35Kw 50Kw 65Kw 80Kw 90Kw 105Kw 120Kw
4 Working type Continuous
5 Reactor deisgn Mutiple reactors (The quantity and size depends on the raw material condition)
6 Rotating Internal rotating
7 Cooling system Recycled waster cooling
8 Reactor material Q245R/Q345R boiler plate
9 Heating method Indireact hot air heating
10 Heating fuel Fuel oil/gas
11 Feedstock Waste tire/plastic/rubber
12 Output Fuel oil, carbon black

 Continuous tire pyrolysis plant final product application
continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant
Continuous tire pyrolysis plantt final product application
The usage of final production 
Fuel oil from continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant
A.power plant factory
B.glass factory
C.cement factory
C.cement factory
E.boiler factory
G.central heating factory
Carbon black from continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant
A.electric cable jacketing
 B.conveyor ban
C.hose and doormat
 D.black nylon bag
 E.rubber additive
 F.automatic spare parts
G.heat isolation

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