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German customer visited our DOING waste plastic into fuel oil running machine

Date:2016-09-29/ Video/ Chat online Leave a message
The video shows the customer from germany visit our factory  to see the DOING waste plastic into fuel oil machine. Our waste plastic into oil machine is of high quality so the customre from germany comes to visit our factory to see the machine.The germany is famous for its precision instrument, so the germany has a high standard fot the plant.As our pyrolysis plant  generate no air commision to the environemtn and had passed ISO9000 CE.All our products are of high quality, so the customer from germany decided to order our waste plastic to fuel oil  machine.The germany came to visit factoyr to see the running plastic to oil Pyrolysis plant working video in Bangladesh,We can see the whole working line include the final product- fuel oil.The DOING waste plastic into fuel oil not only can pyrolysis waste tire, but also can process waste plas,pyrolysis plant working video.

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