waste oil to diesel

Tire/plastic prolysis plant for power generation

Date:2015-07-10/ Product/ Chat online/ Give me a price
Since there are many countries have the power shortage, nowadays there are more and more customers come to consult if there is an economic way to generate electricity.
For our pyrolysis plant, which can recycle waste tires and plastics to fuel oil. This fuel oil product can be directly used for oil generators for power generation. This way, it not only can solve the waste tires and plastics problems, but also can produce fuel oil for power generation. It’s definitely a Win-Win Solution.

Pyrolysis plant
According to our rough calculation, for one set 10T/D tire/plastic pyrolysis plant, it can produce at least about 5 tons oil. And for the power generation system, it should be 1MW generator, which is the oil generator.
Also you can choose to use steam turbine generator system. This way, you need to connect a boiler between the pyrolysis plant and steam turbine generator. Then you can use the fuel oil product to heat the boiler to produce steam used for steam turbine generator. For the supporting steam turbine generator, it should be 800Kw generator.
If you want to generate electricity yourself, this will be a absolutely economic way to you. If you want to more informations about the pyrolysis – power generation system, please feel free to contact us.

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