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Ecuador customer came to visit our scrap tire pyrolysis plant factory

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Scrap tire pyrolysis plant
In 22nd October 2015 we received customers Mr Deepak and Jose from Ecuador to visit our factory for checking our technology and quality of scrap tire pyrolysis plant.Deepak and Jose are partners for the scrap tire pyrolysis plant project. Deepak lives in Hongkong working on new tire business, and Jose owns a factory for tire retreading in Ecuador. Now they are planning to cooperate together to install one set 10ton capacity scrap tire pyrolysis plant and one set 5ton capacity waste oil distillation machine in Ecuador. Before their visit, Mr Deepak insist seeing a running scrap tire pyrolysis plant. But in our factory we only have demo pyrolysis plant and distillation machine mainly used to show the general working process to customers and we rarely run demo machines.
Now that customers required to see a working scrap tire pyrolysis plant, we decided to run our 100kg mini-capacity scrap tire pyrolysis plant for them. After visiting our factory, they are very satisfied, and they will set up the scrap tire pyrolysis plant  project in the year 2016. We also gave our Mexico customer’s contact reference to them for they to well know ourscrap tire pyrolysis plant.
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