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Mexico customer bought 6 sets tire recycling plant in 2013

tyre pyrolysis machine
Tire recycling plant
In 2013, Mexico customer Oscar came China and he bought 6sets waste tire recycling plant from us after visited our factory.

In fact, he had 2 old tire recycling plant imported from other factory before. However, his recycling plant always happened accidents during operation. In the beginning, he meant to buy some safety devices to make sure his old recycling plant running safely. But find it’s too hard to use his old recycling plant any more. But he knew this project is a good project and the products has good market locally. He decided to buy new machines from China.

Due to operating tire recycling plant before, he already knew very much about the machine. After visited many factories in China, finally he chose DOING as his cooperation partner and placed order with us. Now his 6sets waste tires recycling plant run very well. And his friend also imported waste recycling plant from us after him.

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