waste oil to diesel

20TPD waste tyre plastic to diesel plants were loaded and shipped to Fiji

Exciting news on the shipment front! In May 2024, Henan Doing Company successfully completed the loading of a 20 TPD waste tyre conversion plant destined for our esteemed clients in Fiji.

waste tyre plastic to diesel plantWaste tyre plastic to diesel plant delivered to Fiji

This delivery process, involving meticulous attention to detail, spanned an entire day to ensure every component was securely prepared for transit. Remarkably, the journey from order confirmation to the equipment's readiness for shipment was accomplished within a mere three months, highlighting our efficient operations.

We invite you to watch the video documentation of the dispatch of a 20 TPD system designed to transform waste tyres and plastic into eco-friendly diesel fuel for our Fijian partners.

The consignment comprised two pyrolysis machine and a complementary pyrolysis oil refinery plant, forming a comprehensive solution for sustainable waste management. Given Fiji's reputation as a pristine tourist destination with stringent environmental protection standards, Henan Doing Company's expertise in tailor-made solutions and seasoned project implementation comes to the fore. Our state-of-the-art pyrolysis and refining facilities guarantee not just compliance with high environmental benchmarks but also empower our customers with a means to convert waste into a valuable resource – diesel fuel.

This pioneering technology serves dual purposes: it eases the burden on landfills, thereby mitigating environmental pollution, and concurrently fosters self-sufficiency among our Fijian clientele, presenting opportunities for lucrative returns. The resultant diesel, suitable for a wide array of applications including agricultural vehicles, transport trucks, marine engines, power generators, and more, with the versatility and practicality of this innovation.

waste tyre plastic to diesel plantWaste tyre plastic to diesel plant project display

Should you be in pursuit of advanced, environmentally-conscious waste tyre plastic to diesel pyrolysis and refinery plant solutions directly from a trusted manufacturer, Henan Doing Company stands ready to assist.

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