waste oil to diesel

Customer from India will visit DOING for buy waste oil distillation plant

waste oil distillation plant
Waste oil distillation plant
In Mid March there will be customer from India who will finalize with us on our new-tech waste oil distillation plant. Customer himself has installed two sets waste tyre pyrolysis plants three years ago, and now going to install one set 10ton capacity waste oil distillation plant to refine the tyre oil he has into diesel oil. DOING New-tech tire oil distillation plant can further refine tire oil, plastic oil and used motor oil into diesel. With patented catalyst formula and advanced filtering system, the diesel got is very pure and near to the standard diesel in the petrol station. It can be used for diesel oil generators, trucks, tractors, digging machine and loading machine,etc.

Waste oil distillation plant processing waste oil

After almost one year time’s online communication, customer from India decide to visit our factory and will make the final decision after seeing our waste oil distillation plant.
The oil output of our waste tire oil distillation plant is 85%, it means from 10Ton waste tire oil, you can get 10Tonx85%=8.5Ton diesel oil plant.
The normal processing capacity for our waste tire oil distillation machine is 3Ton/Day, 5Ton/day and 10Ton/day. We also can undertake the distillation project with processing capacity of 15T/day, 20T/day and 30Ton/day for customers. The waste tire oil distillation plant in the photo is 10T/day.

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