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To install waste tire pyrolysis plant in Columbia

Congratulations again! Our engineer Mr zheng is going to Columbia to install  waste tire pyrolysis plant for our Columbia customers in March 2016. This Columbia customer bought one set of  waste tire pyrolysis plant and one distillation from our company, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Januaray12,2016, our factory deliverred two sets of waste tire pyrolysis plants for our Columbia customers. The waste tire pyrolysis plant for our Columbia customer is the newest design pyrolysis plants which can help our customer extract fuel oil, black carbons and steel wires from tires/plastics/rubbers. And in order to improve the efficiency of waste tire pyrolysis plant, he also bought automatic feeder machine to save feeding time. What's more, to enlarge the profits from waste tire pyrolysis plant, he bought carbon black briquette machine.

Now our customer has successfully build the foundation according to our guide, and when our engineer arrives at his factory, they will finish installation very soon.
Here is a picture of  waste tire pyrolysis plant foundation in his place,let us have a look:

Waste tire pyrolysis plant foundation
May our Columbia customer could have a bright future and development in this project. We will share further information in the future.

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