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Nigeria customer buy the third waste tire pyrolysis machine from Doing

waste tire pyrolysis machine
Tire pyrolysis machine
On the 18th,Dec,2015,  we received the third order for waste tire pyrolysis machine from Nigeria.

This Nigeria customer first visited us for waste tire pyrolysis machine on June, 2015. He was studying the project at that time.
After 4months, he came to our factory the second time. And he also visited other waste tire pyrolysis machine factories to compare the machine quality and price. Our price will never be the lowest because we need to make different test for material and production quality control so as to ensure our machine safety and quality. However, the customer finally still chose to cooperate with us and send us the deposit on Dec,2015.

At the same day, we also received the down payment of our machine from our other UAE customer and Jamaica customer. All the orders will be finished production and delivery before the holiday for Chinese New Year. After machines being sent to customers’ factory, we will be back to work again from holiday and will send engineers to them for machine installation, testing and workers training without any delay.

If you are also interested in waste tire pyrolysis machine, welcome to contact us and get more useful information.

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