waste oil to diesel

Three sets 12T waste tyre to oil plant were sent to Nigeria

In April 2019, three sets 12T waste tyre to oil plant were successfully sent to Nigeria.

Nigeria is so industrialized that almost every family has a car and the streets are flooded with private cars. And the roads in Nigeria are not so good, so there are a lot of old tires.

waste tyre to oil plantWaste tyre to oil plant to Nigeria

After investigation, the Nigerian customer found that the oil from the waste tyre to oil plant could be used for his fleet; and the price of the tyre pyrolysis oil was relatively high at local; steel wire could be remelted at his steel plant; while black carbon could be used as fuel for the steel plant.

tyre to oilplantWaste tyre to oil plant was being loaded

From the point of the collection of raw materials, the cost of collecting waste tires in Nigeria is lower, only the freight and labor costs needed.

Therefore, the Nigerian customer directly signed a purchase contract with DOING company for three sets of 12T waste tyre to oil plant and paid the deposit.

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