waste oil to diesel

Can you use waste motor oil in a diesel engine?

Waste motor oil could not use in a diesel engine, but the diesel extracted from waste motor oil by waste motor oil to diesel plant can use in a diesel engine. DOING company's waste motor oil to diesel plant can extract diesel from waste motor oil efficiently and environmentally friendly.

waste motor oil to diesel plantThe diesel from waste motor oil

A diesel engine is one that burns diesel for energy. Diesel as fuel oil which is burned in the engine to produce power, and it looks transparent. Motor oil is a kind of lubricating oil. The role of motor oil in an engine is to lubricate and dissipate heat. The motor oil looks sticky and can wear off and metamorphic when used in an engine. Generally, the motor oil needs to be replaced after a period of use.

waste oil to diesel plantWaste motor oil is the motor oil that is replaced

Waste motor oil mixed with water, dust, other miscellaneous oil and parts wear metal powder and other impurities, resulting in black, viscosity increase. Some waste motor oil degrades into organic acids, colloids and bitumen. Although diesel and motor oil are petroleum products, they are different and cannot be replaced by each other.

Some people are wrong to think that adding oil lubricates the pistons and reduces wear and tear on the engine. Because motor oil cannot be burned completely like fuel oil, once a diesel engine is started with motor oil, it will generate carbon accumulation and knock the engine. Serious carbon accumulation may even scratch the walls and accelerate the engine wear and tear, and even lead to engine scrapping. Waste motor oil contains the impurity, and the lubrication function also greatly weakens. The harm will increase greatly using waste motor oil in the diesel engine. So a diesel engine can’t run on waste motor oil.

waste oil to diesel plantThe uses of diesel from waste motor oil

A lot of waste motor oil is produced every day, and if we want to reuse it we need to treat it and turn it into diesel for fuel.

Waste motor oil to diesel plant from DOING can convert waste motor oil into diesel, and the resulting diesel can be waste in heavy machinery, generators or boilers for catering companies. And the price of diesel refined from waste motor oil is much lower than that of gas on the market. Some machinery factories are also willing to use this kind of fuel oil.


waste motor oil to diesel plantWaste motor oil to diesel plant installed in Malaysia

DOING company's waste motor oil to diesel plant in the process of disposal of waste motor oil is safe and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled tyres, plastic pyrolysis oil. It has been praised by many customers.


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