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What machine can recycle Mazut and convert it into diesel?

Mazut, also known as mazut oil or heavy fuel oil (HFO), is a type of fuel oil that is residue left after the distillation of crude oil. It is a heavy, viscous oil with a high density and high sulfur content. To further enlarge the wide applications of the Mazut and generate more profits, more customers seek an effective solution to convert Mazut into diesel oil. Among these solutions, waste oil distillation machine is the most suitable method.

Mazut oil Mazut oil

Waste oil distillation machine is an equipment used to extract a specific substance from raw materials, dedicated to getting diesel from waste oil, crude oil, pyrolysis oil and Mazut. The diesel oil obtained from waste oil distillation machine can be used in boilers, generators, burners, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ship engines, etc.

Applications of obtained diesel oilApplications of obtained diesel oil

The following is a brief introduction of the recycling process of the waste oil distillation machine to convert Mazut into diesel:

After feeding the Mazut into the distillation reactor, heat the Mazut oil to evaporate the oil and gas and remove the impurities, then cool oil and gas into oil through the condensation system and use catalysts to remove glue, wax and bad smell from the cooling oil. Finally, we can obtain the diesel oil. And if you have higher requirements on the quality of the diesel, you can also filter the diesel again with a filtration system, mainly for decoloring.

Work process of converting Mazut to dieselWork process of converting Mazut to diesel

Obviously, the recycling process of the waste oil distillation machine is not complex, and if you also want to invest in the waste oil distillation machine project to convert Mazut into diesel, DOING can provide more details with you.

As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of waste oil distillation machine, DOING has won many trust and praise for our unique advantages of our equipment:

1. A variety of technologies to choose from: over the past 14 years of researching, noe DOING can provide two different types of waste oil distillation machines for your reference: the commonly liquid catalyst(acid and alkali) design type and the latest solid catalyst(researched by DOING engineers) design type, which have their own technology and advantages;

Two types of DOING waste oil distillation machineTwo types of DOING waste oil distillation machine

2. Mature technical R&D and service team: DOING has formed a mature technical R&D and service team, which can provide a customized project scheme based on your situation to meet your demands, and during the whole cooperation process, our sales team can provide overall services for you;

3. Independent manufacturing factory and strict quality control: DOING has our own manufacturing factory to ensure the quality of the equipment, and before shipping the equipment to our customers, our engineers will make serious quality inspection to ensure the work performance;

Projects of DOING waste oil distillation machineProjects of DOING waste oil distillation machine

DOING waste oil distillation machines have been exported to many countries and have successfully been put into operation, such as Mexico, Indonesia, Mali, Ghana, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, etc. So if you are also interested in our waste oil distillation machine, just feel free to contact us, we are Henan DOING Company!

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