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How much does pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant cost?

As we know, pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy fuel oil, mainly used as the heating fuel in industrial factories. But after being refined by DOING distillation plant, it could be converted to diesel for wider uses, such as being used in big trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, tractors, generators, etc. And the cost of this pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant differs much, let me introduce in detail as follows.

waste oil distillation plantThe applications of diesel

1. The different designs

We have total two designs for the pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant, common design needs to use the liquid catalyst and needs customers to buy from the local market, but the cost of this design is cheaper. The other design is our latest new design, using the solid catalyst that could be bought from us directly. It’s more convenient for customers who couldn’t get the catalyst from the local market. This kind of solid catalyst pyrolysis oil distillation plant has higher automation degree, which is engery&labor saving, but the cost of this design is relatively higher.

waste oil distillation plantTwo different types waste oil distillation plant

2. The capacity of this machine

For pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant, we have different capacity from 100kg-14t daily processing capacities, the price of different processing capacities also vary much, from 10,000usd to 120,000usd different. And the machine cost mainly depends on what capacity of this machine you want to install, usually the bigger machine, the more performance costs.

3. The configuration of the distillation plant

Except for the standard configuration, it means the basic configuration, there are also optional devices, like the burner, fast heating system and decolor system.

waste oil distillation plantThe details of waste oil distillation plant

The pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant is heated from the bottom. We could use the burners to heat it, or we can also use coal or wood to heat the machine. Besides that, if you just use fire to heat the bigger machine, the efficiency is not so high. And we have the fast double heating system that could increase processing efficiency greatly. And if you want to sell the diesel, and want it to look better, you could choose the decolor system to decolor the diesel. The cost of the optional devices is from several thousand to several dozens thousand dollars different.

All in all, the cost of this pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plant is different from 10000usd to 160,000usd, depending on customer’s choice. Just feel free to contact us if you have interests in the machine, and our sales manager will customize suitable solutions and offer you the best quotations for pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation plants.

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