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How to choose the waste oil distillation plant in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the disposal of waste oil is a major waste recycling issue. When disposing of waste oil, you need to choose a good waste oil distillation plant. There are different designs of machine on the market. What kind of design is best in Malaysia? When you choose the waste oil distillation plant, you can compare and analyze its cost performance, effectiveness and its suppliers.

waste oil distillation plantHow to choose the waste oil distillation plant in Malaysia?

As you know, the waste oil distillation plant is used to recycle waste oil. The product is diesel that can be reused, so the plant needs to have a high recovery rate in order to recover as much diesel as possible. Under normal circumstances, waste oil recovery rate is around 80% - 85%. There are two kinds of recycling technologies on the market, one is to remove the wax by deodorization of the light diesel oil through the traditional catalyst; and the other is to clean and cool the oil gas obtained by distilling the waste oil with a solid catalyst.

Our DOING company has different designs and will design the most suitable solution for the needs of customers according to the Malaysian market situation, and increase the diesel recovery rate as much as possible to improve the customer’s revenue.

oil distillation plantWaste oil distillation plant designed by DOING company

In addition to recovery rates, the efficiency of equipment operation is also very important. The waste oil distillation plant design on the market is different. Some devices need to run for almost one week to complete a batch of processing, while some devices take only aroun one day to complete a batch of processing. Our company’s design takes into account the operating efficiency of the waste oil distillation plant, using a multi-functional heating method to speed up the cracking of waste oil. Therefore, when you choose plants in Malaysia, it is best to consider the operating efficiency of the plant, the higher the operating efficiency, the more fuel, electricity and labor cost you can save.

waste oil distillation plantStrengths of DOING company

Finally, it is also important to have a reliable supplier of this waste oil distillation plant. Our company has nearly 10 years of industry experience, with professional design team, installation team and after-sales service team. A unique solution can be configured to meet the unique needs of our customers.

You may have other factors to consider when choosing the waste oil distillation plant, but these three factors are your main considerations. If you want to buy this waste oil distillation plant or want to know more information about it, please come to us and we will be happy to help you to get best solution.

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