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How to recycle car tires?

Waste tire recycling is very important in recent years. With the substantial increase in the number of cars, the amount of car tires is bound to increase rapidly. If improperly recycled, stockpiles of car tires can present a significant fire threat, and trapped water provides breeding sites for mosquitoes, which can transmit disease. Also, landfill tires consume valuable landfill capacity and may result in an unstable base for constructing the landfill cap.

how to recycle car tiresWaste car tires

Then how to recycle car tires?

Absolutely, car tires can be used directly. They can be made into chairs, flower pots, bicycle park, etc.

recycle car tiresCar tires reused directly

In addition, if not badly damaged, car tires can be refurbished to be used in cars. However, one tire can be refurbished two to three times on average, and recently the requirements for retreaded tires have become stricter, and the number of refurbished is very limited.

car tires recyclingCar tires refurbished

Another common way to recycle car tires is to make tire rubber powder. The rubber powder is widely used in sports plastic sports fields, playgrounds, rubber floor tiles, waterproof membranes, waterproof coatings, road modified asphalt, rubber products and other fields.

tire disposalRubber powder recycled from waste car tires

Now, there is a new technology to recycle car tire. With car tire to diesel plant, car tires can turn to energy. In the absence of oxygen and appropriate temperature, car tire can be cracked into fuel oil and carbon black, widely used in industry. The whole process generates no waste gas, waste residue and waste water. This method achieves the goal of recycle waste car tires environmental friendly and bring considerable profits to people.

tire to diesel plantCar tire recycled to diesel by car tire to diesel plant

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