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Where to dispose of waste tires?

Waste tires are known as black pollution, and their disposal and treatment technologies have always been a worldwide problem.

According to statistics, there are currently 150 million tires scrapped every year in the world, including about 400 million in North America, 200 million in Western Europe, and 100 million in Japan. So what to do with used tires?

how to dispose of tiresWaste tires

In the 1990s, the most common practice in the world was to bury or stack used tires. However, as land prices rise, it is increasingly difficult to requisition land for burial/stacking of tires. On the other hand, a large number of used tires are piled up, which is very likely to cause fires and cause a second public hazard. Then where to dispose of waste tires in a scientific and profitable way?

where can i dispose of tiresEnvironmental pollution caused by tiresburning

Waste tyre to oil plant is the most popular treatment solution in recent years. The waste tyre to oil plant can not only effectively dispose of used tires, but also turn waste into treasure. waste tyre to oil plant converts used tires into oil gas through low temperature pyrolysis, and the oil gas enters the condenser and converted into crude oil. Crude oil can be used as a fuel for industrial heating, such as glass factory, steel factory, brick factory or cement factory. The steel wire produced by the waste tire equipment can also be directly sold to the steel factory as a raw material, and the carbon black can be made into a briquettes or sold to a rubber factory as a raw material.

how to dispose of tiresProducts from waste tyre to oil plant

The waste tyre to oil plant from DOING Company has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions. More and more customers are making profit through our waste tyre to oil plant, and dispose the waste tire at the same time, which has been highly praised by the local government.

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