waste oil to diesel

Can diesel be made from plastic pyrolysis?

As we all known, plastic is extracted from petroleum, and is a kind of petroleum products. It is also composed of organic macromolecules. So with a certain technical process, plastic can also be turned into oil, which can then be used to extract diesel. This technology has been found that is pyrolysis. That is to say we can make diesel from plastic pyrolysis. Here is the picture of diesel made from waste plastics.

plastic to diesel machineDiesel made from waste plastics

Two methods to process plastic into diesel

You may be surprised about this method, but it’s really true. There are two methods to process plastic into diesel. One is indirect, you need to buy two machines, waste platic pyrolysis machine and pyrolysis oil distillation machine. Waste plastic pyrolysis machine is used to recycle waste plastic to pyrolysis oil, and the pyrolysis oil distillation machine is used to refine pyrolysis oil to diesel. The other way is waste plastic to diesel integrated machine which can get diesel and gasoline directly from waste plastic.

plastic to diesel machine Two methods to process plastic into diesel

There is a difference between the two methods. The first one requires two devices, which is not completely continuous, but the investment cost is relatively low. The second method is fully continuous, which can realize continuous feeding, and the waste plastic to diesel integrated machine occupies a small area, but its cost is little high, which is more suitable for developed countries.

Applications of obtained diesel from waste plastics

In addition to the investment cost, everyone is most concerned about the quality of diesel. The obtained diesel from plastic pyrolysis can be used to heavy machinery, such as excavator and construction machine like this, generator, boiler, trucks and tractors, and it can be used into cars in some America area and south American area.

oil distillation machineApplications of obtained diesel from waste plastics

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