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How to start plastic to diesel project in Nigeria?

How to start plastic to diesel project in Nigeria?This should be a question that many Nigerian customers want to ask, because the local diesel price is very expensive. If plastic can be converted into diesel, it is equivalent to turning waste into treasure. It is a very profitable business. Then if start plastic to diesel project in Nigeria ,what preparations are needed to do in advance?

plastic to dieselPlastic to diesel project

First of all, confirm whether the supply of raw materials is sufficient

Plastics are everywhere, but not all plastics can be converted into diesel. The types of plastics that can be refined into diesel are limited, such as, pp, pe, ps, abs, etc. So it is best to first confirm how much waste plastic you can collect every day.

Second, confirm the suitable land

In general, converting plastic to diesel requires two sets of equipment: pyrolysis machine and distillation plant. Firstly, you need process the plastic to pyrolysis oil by the pyrolysis machine and then extract diesel from pyrolysis oil by the distillation plant. The two sets of equipment occupy an area of about 300~ 600 square meters. If you don’t have suitable land, please contact the relevant department to ask if you can apply for approval of suitable land.

plastic to dieselConverting plastic to diesel by pyrolysis machine and distillation plant

Third, investigate the diesel sales market

The produced diesel from plastic can be used in the diesel burner, generator, boiler, truck, tractor and so on. You can try to find suitable diesel buyers based on these uses and talk about long-term cooperation with them in supplying diesel. If you cannot find some good diesel buyers, then you can also sell diesel directly to gas stations or transportation fleets.

Forth, choose the suitable pyrolysis machine and distillation plant

If the above materials, sites and product sales channels are all ok, the next step is to purchase equipment. You should have a good understanding of the equipment and then choose high-quality, high safety performance, cost-effective and after-sales guarantee pyrolysis machine and distillation plant.

distillation plantPyrolysis machine and distillation plant installed in Colombia

By the way, if you collect less waste plastic and only want to get diesel for your own use, then you can do the small scale plastic to diesel project. After you earn enough money, you can expand the scale of production.

If you have made the above preparations, then you can start this plastic to diesel project.

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