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What are the uses and sales channels of refined diesel oil?

A large amount of waste oil from machinery, vehicles and ships can be refined into diesel oil by professional waste oil refinery plant. The refined diesel oil can be sold to obtain economic benefits and achieve the purpose of recycling resources. Then what are the uses and sales channels of this refined diesel oil? In fact, this kind of diesel has a wide range of uses in life, and there is no need to worry about how to sell it.

Uses of refined diesel oil

The diesel oil extracted from the waste oil refinery plant can reach the standard of non-standard diesel oil, which can be directly used in agricultural machinery, ships, diesel generators, large diesel engines, mining machinery, forklift excavators and other large and heavy machinery. In addition, it can be used as fuel in power plants, boilers, brick kilns and cement factories.

waste oil refinery plantUses of refined diesel oil

Because refined diesel is more useful and can replace some national standard diesel in a certain range, the market price of refined diesel is relatively high. According to the relevant data, the current market selling price of diesel oil refined from waste oil is around 569 usd per ton, and fluctuates with the market price, showing a slight upward trend. So you don't have to worry about sales channels of refined diesel oil.

Sales channels of refined diesel oil

This refined diesel can usually be sold directly to the recovery of this kind of diesel middlemen, the intermediary chamber of commerce arrangements for professional tanker transport vehicles to direct door purchase. Of course, you can also sell directly to power plants, boilers, brick kilns, cement plants and other plants that need fuel. You'll find refined diesel oil easy to sell.

waste oil refinery Waste oil refinery plant

From the usage and price of refined diesel oil, investment in waste oil refinery plant is a relatively profitable project. As a machinery company with nearly 10 years of manufacturing experience, DOING has installed waste oil refinery plant in more than 60 countries and regions. If you are planning to invest in this project, you can contact us directly.


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