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Is it feasible to do waste oil recycling business in Malaysia?

In recent years, recycling waste oil into diesel by distillation machine is very hot. A lot of clients in Malaysia come to consult us is it feasible to do waste oil recycling to diesel business in Malaysia? The answer is yes. Next, I will explain from the following three aspects.

waste oil to dieselRecycling waste oil into diesel project

Large amount of raw material

Malaysia is a relatively densely populated country, and its industry is relatively developed. A large amount of waste engine oil, lubricating oil, etc. are produced every year, which can be refined into diesel, so the source of raw materials is relatively wide.

waste oil recycling

Government support

The Malaysian government supports the waste oil recycling project. Our 5T waste engine oil recycling to diesel project in Malaysia in 2019 was funded and established by the Malaysian government. As long as the equipment is environmentally friendly and the emissions meet the standards, you can apply to the government to get the license to start this business.

oil distillation machine5T waste oil distillation machine funded and established by the Malaysian government


Waste engine oil is classified as hazardous waste in Malaysia. If it is processed by a hazardous waste treatment plant, you need to pay the hazardous waste treatment plant. However, if you use DOING's distillation machine to recycle it into diesel, you will not need to pay the hazardous waste treatment plant. On the contrary, you can sell the obtained diesel to make profit. It should be noted that this diesel is not up to the performance of standard diesel, but can be used in ships, power plants and heavy machinery, etc. The following is our profit analysis of 5T distillation machine for reference.

ROI Analysis For 5T/D Distillation Machine
Running Cost / Day
Waste engine oil 5Ton * 262USD/Ton = 1311USD
Heating fuel (Diesel) 0.4Ton * 699USD = 280USD
Catalyst 87USD
Electricity 15Kw/h * 0.14*20h = 44USD
Water Water is for circulation use, no consumption
Worker 2 * 15USD = 30USD
Income / Day
Light oil (Diesel & Gasoline) 4Ton * 699USD = 2897USD
Oil sludge 0.75Ton * 160USD = 120USD
Profit / Day 1166USD

Therefore, from these three aspects, it is feasible to do waste oil recycling to diesel business in Malaysia. If you are interested in this project, please contact us for a free quotation of distillation machine.


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