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Waste tire and plastic oil production line of China Doing Company

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We, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacturing waste tire and plastic recycling / pyrolysis to oil equipment.

We have 2 lines for tyre and plastic oil production line. The first line is waste tires and plastic pyrolysis machine for fuel oil production line. The second is distillation machine for diesel oil production line.

For the first line, its raw material will be scrap tires, plastics or other rubbers. After pyrolysis processing tires, the finally products are fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. If your raw material is plastic, then you can get fuel oil and carbon black finally.
The fuel oil is a kind of very good heating fuel which is widely used in cement factory, steel factory, boiler factory, brick factory, glass factory and so on. Except being sold as heating fuel, the oil also can be collected for further refining.

For the second line, the raw material will be plastic oil, tires oil and waste engine oil. We will process the fuel oil or waste oil by our distillation plant. After processing, the product will be 85% fuel oil and the remaining is bitumen. The diesel can be used in diesel oil generator, boiler, tractor, trucks and so on.

If you are interested in waste tyre/ plastic recycling to oil production line, kindly please contact us and we would like to provide your more useful information.

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