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If it’s feasible to invest the waste tyre pyrolysis project when oil price goes down?

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As we know waste tyre pyrolysis project is for recycling wasre tyres to oil, which means turning waste to wealth. So there were so many businessmen turned their eyes to this project. But recently with the oil price goes down, most of them began to think if this project is still profitable or not. And most of them gave the negative answers to themselves. So they look away from this project and left a words: Now the oil price is so low, we want to do it when oil price goes up.
Normally, I’ll say ok, why not. After all it’s reasonable.
But if you think it over, you’ll find that you’re not totally right.
Actually all the investment are the same, come with all kinds of uncertainties.
But you cannot conclude if a project is feasible or not just in your own sight.
Only someone who can see through the appearance to perceive the essence and see through the present to long run will get the best return.
Like when Warren Buffet invested BYD, almost everyone said it’s crazy. But only Buffet knew it’s feasible. Then finally he got so big return that many people still cannot believe it.
Then we can go back to the tire pyrolysis project.
Now most people think this project is no longer feasible just because the oil price goes down.
Actually it’s just the time for the few people to move on and get this project done.
Maybe the oil price will go up soon.
As we all know the oil price is always with ups and downs and cannot forecasted by anyone.
And actually even the oil price goes down, it’s not to say there is no profit, just the profit is relatively lower. Like in some countries, waste tires are everywhere; you can collect it easily and for free. Even the waste tire problem has become a serious environmental problem in some countries. So the government will also very support you to do this project. This way, you still have much profit to get from this project. Don’t you think so?
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