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How to deal with the carbon black product produced from tire pyrolysis process?

Date:2015-08-18/ News/ Chat online Leave a message
As we know that there is 45-52% oil product will be produced in the tire pyrolysis process. So what’s the residue? Actually in the pyrolysis process, except 45-52% oil product, there are also 30% carbon black and 12-15% steel wire will be produced. As for the steel wire, it’s easy to deal with. You can directly sell it to the steel factory or recycling station is ok. But most of the customers who want to do the tire pyrolysis project don’t know how to deal with the carbon black.
About this question, here I provide some suggestions as below:
Firstly, we need to know that carbon black produced form tire pyrolysis process is crude powder.
1. This carbon black powder can be directly sold to cement or tile factory mixing with cement to improve its strength or used as colorant for making color tiles.
 carbon black powder
2. The carbon black powder can be made into pellets used for industrial heating, just like coal. It has more than 7000Kcal calories. Only this way, you need to use a carbon black pellet machine to make the carbon black powder into pellets. If you need this machine, please feel free to contact us for more details.
 briquette carbon black
3. After seen the above two applications of carbon black, some people would say that they don’t have so many heavy industries in their country. It’s not easy to find a good market for the carbon black as the above suggestions. So here I have another idea for you:
As we all know raw carbon black has many uses actually. But since this carbon black produced from pyrolysis process has heated by very high temperature, some features of it have changed and is no longer same as the raw carbon. And the carbon black directly come out from the pyrolysis machine is crude containing ash and the particle size is not even. So it cannot used as the raw carbon. But after long term study, we found a kind of grinding machine which can refine the crude carbon black powder to different particle sizes or meshes. I think someone may know that carbon black for different uses have different standards. These standards are decided by the different particle sizes or meshes. For example, we can refine the crude carbon black powder to 325 mesh, the corresponding standard is N220, which can used for paint and printing ink. Also we can refine it to other standards for different uses. If you want to know more informations, please contact us for detailed discussion.

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