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Rubber fine crusher

rubber fine crusher
rubber fine crusher

Introduction of rubber fine crusher:
1. Double layer interstitial texture feeding hopper, can absorb the noise and dust generated during production.
2. Exclusive water cooling system, can avoid the rubber become sticky and burned in high speed.
3. It adopts a particular cutter structure, in order to cut reasonable, reduce power consumption, length use period.
Technical parameters of rubber fine crusher:
Mode Norm Weight(kg) Weight(kg)
ZFCx-F229-ZY-C 2950*2220*3120 4.8 800-1200
Power(kw) Input size(mm) Output size(mm)  
45-75 6-12 1-3  
Patent number: ZL 2010. 2 0231967.5    ZL 2010.2 0132987.4

As a part of rubber powder processing devices,Rubber fine crusher  crushes  the 6-12mm rubber granules to 1-3mm rubber granules at normal temperature, and separate the fiber from the rubber granules.

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