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Tire baler

This tire baler is ideal for any workshop or used tyre dealer, used to double or undouble(unpack tyres). It is powered by compressed air only so there is no risk of electrocution. We recommend this machine for the tyre dealers wishing to save space for storing or transport their scrap or used tyres. Due to its small dimensions and weight it is ideal for moving from one place to the other.

tire baler
working process of tire bale
tire baler
   tire baler
Technical Parameters of  tire baler 
No. Items Contents
1 Machine  Tire baler 
2 Function Make several tires nested together with reversible unpacking function
3 Advantage Save place for used tyre storing and transport
4 Length 1.50m
5 Width 0.85m
6 Height 1.12m
7 Weight 200kg
8 Power Compressed air without electricity
9 Pressure 6kg / 6bar / 0.6Mpa

Compared to other tire processing machine, like tire cutting machine, this  tire baler has several main advantages as below:
tire baler
 tire baler

1. For some tyre dealers, they want to keep complete tyres for further use. So they don't want to cut tires for better storing and transport, then they can use the  tire baler  to make several tyres nested together firstly. After transport, they can unpack the tyres to normal for further use.

2. For some tyre pyrolysis factories, they want to fill as many tyres as possible inside the reactor for pyrolysis to oil. But as we all know that tyres contain steel wire which is difficult to press. This time you will need to use a tyre cutter to cut tyres into small pieces. But after cutting, the steel wire inside tyres will become small pieces mix with carbon black after pyrolysis process, which is difficult to separate. For tyre doubling machine, you can use it to make several complete tyres together, then put them into the reactor. It can not only save the plave, the steel wire inside tyres also can keep complete. After pyrolysis, the big steel wire can tangling together, which is easy to pull out by a hook.

3. This  tire baler  doesn't need electricity to work. It powered by compressed air. which can save so much energy.

4. Automatic packing machine is easier to operate and more efficiently. It can be operated by only one worker, which can make 3 tires nested together within 1 minutes.

So in conclusion, the  tire baler  ne can not only save the storage and transport cost, but also save the energy, the labour and the time.

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