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Steel wire packer

Product Introduction of steel wire packer

After continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant processing, we can get steel wire tangled together, which is very difficult for us to store or transport. Steel wire packer is used to manage the steel wire from waste tire. It can pack steel wires into required cuboids. It is very convenient for transportation, storage and steel wire reuse.

steel wire packer
steel wire packer
Working process of steel wire packer
steel wire packer
 Working processing  of Steel wire packer
The working principle of steel wire packer: Put steel wire inside the material chamber of steel wire packer. Hydraulic cylinder will push and compress steel wire into required steel shapes.  It works very safe and stable.

The advantage of steel wire packer

Easy installation and operation, the ability to pack material as required dimension are the main advantages of steel wire packer which can maximally help a lot in transportation and storage. Thus can improve the working efficiency, save labor and the cost of transportation.

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