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Tire/plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis plant&used oil refining machine "MARCH EXPO EVENTS"

Date:2022-03-03/ Video/ Chat online Leave a message

This video shows the independent factory of Doing Company, who has been engaged in fabricating the waste tire/plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis recycling machine and the used oil to diesel refining machine for 10+ years.

Doing factory is equipped with laser cutter, plasma cutting machine, automatic welding machine, etc. to ensure the precise cutting ratio of machine processed materials and welding stability. For each customer's order, our technical team always try our best to complete the machine manufacture with quality and quantity.

At present, Doing factory has exported and installed the waste tire/plastic to fuel oil pyrolysis recycling plant for customers in more than 90+ countries. And we are attending the “March Expo Events” and our machines enjoy great discount, such as free installation, giving relevant configurations, giving wearing parts, etc. If you have demands of our machines, contact us to get the event discounts details and free quotation of it !

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