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Tyre pyrolysis plants and pyrolysis oil to diesel purification plant were delivered to Ghana

Date:2022-03-15/ Video/ Chat online Leave a message

On March 10, 2022, the three sets of 12tpd tyre pyrolysis plants and one set of tyre pyrolysis oil to diesel purification plant ordered by Ghanaian customers were delivered from Doing factory on schedule.

By watching that, we can see that in order to ensure the normal production of customers, Doing workers cooperate tacitly, and the delivery site is organized in an orderly manner. These three sets of waste tyre to diesel recycling machines can help customer to recycle the waste tyres into diesel, which can be used in heavy machinery, generator, boiler, etc.

If you have interests, contact us to get the free quotations of them and customize it at preferential price! As a professional and reliable manufacturer, we have exported our tyre/plastic/rubber pyrolysis plants and pyrolysis/crude/used engine oil to diesel purification plant to 90+ countries and regions, we can customize you the best machines and offer you all around technical supports to you!

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