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Waste tire plastic to fuel pyrolysis process introduction video

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Pyrolysis machine is a green waste to energy technology which can recycle waste into fuel. It offers a good solution for waste management and treatment. Here is the pyrolysis machine working process designed by Henan Doing Company as the video shows:

Step one: feeding raw materials

Feed the waste raw materials like waste rubber tire, waste plastic, waste oil sludge, coar tar, aluminum plastic, etc. into pyrolysis reactor.

Step two: heating the reactor for pyrolysis

Keep heating the pyrolysis reactor with burner or other heating fuel, such as coal, wood, pyrolysis oil, syn-gas, LNG, etc. The organic waste will be cracked and oil gas will generate.

Step three: oil gas cooling into liquid pyrolysis oil

The oil gas will enter the multiple cooling system of DOING pyrolysis machine for condensation. Our cooling system adopts professional industrial multiple-stage condensers which can guarantee the high oil yield. Then you could get liquid pyrolysis oil for sale or heating uses. You can also refine it into diesel fuel by pyrolysis oil distillation plant.

tire plastic pyrolysis oil applicationsWaste tire plastic pyrolysis oil applications

Step four: un-condensable gas purification

The exhaust un-condensable gas will be purified by our environmental cleaning system to remove some harmful emissions and the purified gas can be recycled for heating pyrolysis reactor to save investment cost.

Step five: flue gas desulfurization and purification

The flue gas generated in the waste pyrolysis process will be desized and purified by our desulfurization dedusting tower, and then meet the standard emission.

Step six: carbon black and steel wire collection

After the whole pyrolysis process is finished, the pyrolysis machine operator can cool down the pyrolysis reactor and the carbon black can be discharged by wind transfer system. The carbon black can be directly sold, or being briquetted or further refined for industrial production. And then the operator can discharge the steel wire for sale or remelt.

tire plastic to fuel pyrolysis plantWaste tire plastic to fuel pyrolysis plant projects

Henan Doing Company has mature pyrolysis technology including batch pyrolysis technology and continuous type pyrolysis technology. And we have cooperated with thousands of customers to help them customize suitable waste tire plastic to fuel pyrolysis solutions. If you are interested in engaging in related waste pyrolysis business, welcome to contact us for professional guidance.

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