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Ethiopia customer came to visit our waste tyre recycling plant factory On 2nd November 2015

waste tyre recycling plant
Waste tyre recycling plant

On 2nd November 2015 we received customer Mr Endale and Mr Mesfin from Ethiopia to visit our waste tyre recycling plant factory. Endale and Mesfin are partners for the waste tyre recycling plantl project. Endale know the waste tyre recycling plante from his India friend. Because there are manywaste tyre recycling plant running in India for the large demand for fuel oil, but 4 years ago they do not know what the pyrolysis plant is.

Since the first set waste tyre recycling plant installed there 4 years ago, then hundreds of pyrolysis plant enter into India market. Endale know it is better to start this project as soon as possible and he wanna be the first person in Ethiopia to own our waste tyre recycling plant. Then he contact with his good friend mesfin and tell him about the waste tyre recycling plant project and what he think, Mesfin is very interested in thewaste tyre recycling plant to process waste tyre and plastic into fuel oil and he decide to do this waste pyrolysis project with Endale together. They find us over google, and then decide to visit ourwaste tyre recycling plant factory after communicating with us by email.

When they came to our factory, they were very satisfied with our waste tyre recycling plant and placed the order for one set 10ton capacity waste tyre recycling plant before they left for Ethiopia. For more details, you are welcome to send us your enquiry!

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