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One set 10T waste tire to oil plant was sent to Egypt

In May 2019, one set 10T waste tire to oil plant was sent to Egypt.

The Egyptian customer is a trader and often imports a wide variety of goods from China to Egypt. Some customers in Egypt have asked him some question about waste tire to oil plant. For waste tire to oil plant, he consulted with a Chinese businessman who ran cotton machinery and had been working with him for a long time.

It was this Chinese businessman who recommended Henan DOING to him, so the Egyptian customer found Henan DOING through the network and personally visited DOING Company.

tire to oil plantWaste tire to oil plant sent to Egypt

After investigation, the Egyptian customer was satisfied with the overall company strength of DOING Company, the environmental protection of the waste tire to oil plant and the oil production rate. Then he confirmed the project situation and the specific configuration of the plant with his own end customer. After confirming these, he signed a purchase contract with DOING for one set 10T waste tire to oil plant.

In addition, the Egyptian customer trusts DOING company very much, and plans to cooperate with DOING company for a long time to help Henan DOING sell more waste tire to oil plant to Egypt.

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