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Doing waste tyre pyrolysis plant become more and more polular in Bangladesh

tyre to oil pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant in Bangladesh customer

Doing 10ton capacity waste tyre pyrolysis plant  becomes more and more popular with customers from Bangladesh. There we have successively installed 4sets waste tyre pyrolysis plant from the year 2012 until now. And in December we will have very potential customers from Bangladesh to visit our waste waste tyre pyrolysis plant  factory for finalizing the order. It seems there is a boom for Bangladesh market for waste tyre  pyrolysis plant , because there is one new policy about industry energy issued by Bangladesh government recently, the policy is government will not provide CNG for new factories.
We should know that the CNG is the main energy used by all kinds of industries in Bangladesh, once the policy come into effect, new industries in Bangladesh should look for new energies which can substitute the CNG. The waste tyre  pyrolysis plant  can extract fuel oil from waste tyres , which just can meet the demand of some industries in Bangladesh. That is why now more and more people from Bangladesh are interested in this waste tyre to oil  pyrolysis project. If you are Bangladesh people and reading this news now, please send us your precious enquiry to us!

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