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What are the recycling methods of waste lubricating oil?

Waste lubricating oil are usually produced from each replacement of the lubricants in industrial plants. A large amount of waste lubricating oil is produced every year globally. According to statistics, in China alone, about 4.9 million tons of waste lubricating oil will be produced each year. For the recycling of these waste lubricating oils, there are mainly three kinds of recycling methods such as spraying dust, incineration and extracting diesel oil.

waste oil to diesel machineWhat are the recycling methods of waste lubricating oil?

The first method of recycling is to spray waste lubricating oil on roads that are prone to dust. Dust is prevented by adhering dust under the adhesion of waste lubricating oil. In the United States, a significant portion of the recovered waste lubricating oil is used for this purpose. However, the waste oil sprayed on the road will be washed into the ditch by the rain when it rains, and finally enter the polluted water source of the river or enter the soil contaminated soil, thus polluting the environment.

The second method of recycling is incineration. Currently, the use of waste lubricating oil as a fuel is a common treatment. Some people use waste lubricating oil directly as fuel for the furnace. Some waste lubricating oil is mixed with other wastes that need to be incinerated, and then incinerated in an incinerator. The boiler uses the heat generated by incineration to generate steam for various industrial or civil purposes.

The use of waste lubricating oil as a fuel is a cost-effective treatment, but lubricating oil is a valuable natural resource. Because not all crude oil is suitable for the production of lubricating oil, and the process of preparing lubricating oil from crude oil is more complicated and expensive than producing fuel oil. Therefore, it is wasteful to use lubricating oil as fuel oil, so it is not recommended to use a simple incineration method from the viewpoint of making full use of natural resources.

waste oil recycling to diesel machineWaste oil recycling to diesel machine

Therefore, our DOING company researches and produces waste oil recycling to diesel machine to recover waste lubricating oil in a more economical way. The waste oil recycling to diesel machine can distill and crack the waste lubricating oil into diesel oil, and then obtain diesel oil by cooling and catalyst. As we all know, the market value of diesel is very large, and the recycling efficiency of waste lubricating oil can be fully utilized. This kind of waste oil recycling to diesel machine has been paid attention to and favored by many customers.

If you have a large amount of waste lubricating oil to be disposed of, or if you are looking for a better method to recycle the waste lubricating oil, please feel free to contact us.


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