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Is pyrolysis machine an effective solution for waste management?

With the growth of the population and the improvement of consumption level, a large amount of waste is produced and puts great pressure on the environment. When seeking a suitable method for waste management, a widely researched and applied technology called pyrolysis has gained considerable attention. Pyrolysis is a process that involves heating organic materials in the absence of oxygen, which results in the decomposition of the materials and the production of useful byproducts.

Pyrolysis plant-effective solution for waste managementPyrolysis machine-effective solution for waste management

Now this passage will have a delve about how pyrolysis plant is useful and effective in waste management.

1. Recycle waste to useful energy

DOING waste pyrolysis machine can recycle most waste in our daily life, such as waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics, aluminum plastics, oil sludge, to useful products. Take waste plastics as an example. We can obtain about 60% fuel oil(depending on the types and purity of plastics), 30% carbon black and 10% syn-gas, which can realize 100% environmentally sound recycling and reuse of waste plastic.

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant for saleDOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for sale

The fuel oil is a kind of very good heating fuel, with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, so it has a good market in different countries. The fuel oil is widely used in boiler factories, cement factories, steel factories, brick factories, glass factories, heavy oil power plants, warm supply centers and so on. Carbon black can be sold to cement plants, brick factories and carbon black deep processing plants, etc.

2. Generate huge economic and environmental benefits

1) Economic benefits

All the final products obtained from waste pyrolysis machines have multiple uses and can be used in many industries. So they have large markets and can generate huge economic benefits. The following is a profit analysis of the pyrolysis machine(Take the 10TPD waste plastic pyrolysis machine as an example):

Profit analysis of DOING 10TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plantProfit analysis of DOING 10TPD waste plastic pyrolysis machine

2) Environmental benefits

Compared with traditional waste disposal methods such as landfill and incineration, pyrolysis machines can reduce water, soil and air pollution caused by waste, and during the pyrolysis process, there won't be other pollution for its equipped environmental protection systems. For example, DOING equipped tail-gas cleaning system and desulfurization tower can remove bad smells from exhaust gas to meet customers' high requirements of smoke emission in various regions.

Project cases of DOING waste pyrolysis machineProject cases of DOING waste pyrolysis machine

In a word, pyrolysis machine offers an effective and profitable solution in waste management. And as the top manufacturer of waste pyrolysis machine, DOING has cooperated with thousands of customers in various countries and helped many customers successfully carry out waste management projects, such as in Russia, China, India, Italy, Malaysia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Thailand, etc. So if you also want to carry out waste management project, just feel free to contact us.

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