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Who makes pyrolysis reactors for recycling tyres to oil?

DOING is a professional manufacturer of recycling waste tyres to oil pyrolysis reactors manufacturers and supplier. Since 2011, it has been committed to research, innovation and development of urban solid waste pyrolysis recycling. Now, DOING manufacturer has developed three types of pyrolysis technologies(batch, semi-continuous, and fully continuous) and made kinds of capacities waste tyre recycling pyrolysis reactors.

pyrolysis reactorsThe different types of DOING pyrolysis reactors

The waste tire to oil pyrolysis reactors made by DOING can not only recycle waste tires, but also recycle and pyrolyze other rubber products, such as rubber mats, rubber soles, rubber cable sheaths, etc. In addition, waste plastics can also be recycled, such as various waste PP, PE, PS, ABS plastic products. Also, waste oil sludge and coal tar residue can also be recycled to obtain valuable fuel oil and carbon black through the DOING pyrolysis reactors.

pyrolysis reactors raw materialThe raw material of DOING pyrolysis reactors

DOING manufactuer has a perfect R & D team, and has obtained more than 30 product patents. The professional manufacturing team and after-sales service team for your product quality and after-sales experience escort. At the same time, DOING manufactuer has a perfect e-commerce and marketing management system, all departments cooperate sincerely, from research and development, design, production, sales, after-sales, etc., to provide you with one-stop quality service.

pyrolysis reactor installion & operation manualDOING pyrolysis reactors' installion & operation manual

DOING has a professional R&D team. And 30+ devices in the waste tire to oil recycling pyrolysis reactor system developed by this team have obtained patent certification. At the same time, DOING manufactuer has a complete e-commerce, marketing management system, manufacturing team and after-sales service team. Each department performs its own duties and cooperates sincerely to provide you with one-stop high-quality services from all aspects, including research and development, design, production and sales.

the pyrolysis reactors certificates The certificates of DOING pyrolysis reactors

Not only does DOING has a complete team and services, we also have its own independent factory with an area of 40,000+ square meters. In addition, the DOING factory has also passed international CE and ISO certification, and our pyrolysis reactors have also passed the SGS inspection.

pyrolysis reactors project casesThe project cases of DOING pyrolysis reactors

It is precisely because of DOING manufacturer's perfect development system, sincere service and reassuring equipment quality that DOING's waste tyre to oil pyrolysis reactor has been recognized by customers from all over the world. Currently, we have cooperated with customers in 90+ countries and regions around the world.

If you are looking for waste tyre to oil recycling pyrolysis reactors manufacturer and supplier, you can contact us at any time. Our project manager will introduce you to our pyrolysis plants in detail and design the most suitable pyrolysis project report for you.

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